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Peter Moran and Peter McIntyre are the two working partners of Oceancat Marine Australia. Both are experienced life long boat owners and have a combined 60 plus years experience, cruising Moreton Bay and the Australian East coast.

Aluminium Power Catamarans have long appealed to both partners. Aluminium for it’s strength yet light weight, increased grounding safety and beachability. Power catamarans for their stability, both under way at speed as well as at anchor, fuel efficiency and serious volume both above and below the sole.

The Oceancat story began in 2005 when Peter Moran commissioned New Zealander, Roger Hill to design a 10.4 metre, aluminium planning power catamaran for his personal use. Peter McIntyre lead the construction team and produced a magnificent eye catching, fully faired power catamaran that performed above it’s design expectations. The superb design aesthetics of the original Oceancat 34 are clearly on display in the new range of Oceancat 26’s. Peter Moran and Roger Hill commenced a friendship that continues strongly today, despite the obvious Rugby differences.

Offshore 26 

Weekender 26  


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The brief was specific. Design a bulletproof yet very efficient planing hull, that delivered the smoothest ride possible with enough fuel capacity to give a 400 nautical mile offshore range. The boat must be capable of cruising the Australian Coast with ease.


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