Peter Moran and Peter McIntyre are the two working partners of OceanCat Marine Australia. Both are experienced life long boat owners and have a combined 60 plus years experience, cruising Moreton Bay and the Australian East coast.

Aluminium Power Catamarans have long appealed to both partners. Aluminium combines strength and light weight bringing increased grounding safety and “beach-ability”. Power catamarans are synonymous with stability, both under way at speed, as well as at anchor; fuel efficiency; and serious volume both above and below the sole.

The OceanCat story began in 2005 when Peter Moran commissioned New Zealander, Roger Hill to design a 10.4 metre, aluminium planing power catamaran for his personal use. Peter McIntyre lead the construction team and produced a magnificent eye-catching, fully fared power catamaran that performed above its design expectations. The superb design aesthetics of the original Oceancat 34 are clearly on display in the new range of OceanCats: the Weekender 26, Offshore 26, DeepSea 26. Peter Moran and Roger Hill commenced a friendship that continues strongly today, despite the obvious Rugby differences.

OceanCat Marine and Yamaha Test Day

In 2016, Peter Moran and Peter McIntyre decided to reenter the aluminium powercat manufacturing scene to produce a range of trailerable, aluminium power catamarans using the latest hull design and layout concepts not previously achieved in trailerable power catamarans.

Of course, there was only one designer capable and trusted enough to design their concept boat: Roger Hill. So, within a month of committing to the project, the two Peters headed across the Tasman and Roger Hill was commissioned to design two models of the concept power catamaran.

The brief was specific: design a “bulletproof”, yet very efficient planing hull that delivered the smoothest ride possible with a 660 litre fuel capacity to give more than a 300 nautical mile offshore range. The boat would have to be capable of cruising the Australian Coast with ease.

Weekender 26

Two models were commissioned. The first model, the ‘Weekender’ 26  is designed for comfortable day and extended overnight use, featuring:

  • A queen-sized enclosed bunk berth.

  • A private fully enclosed shower / toilet.

  • A galley complete with upright refrigeration and Induction cooktop.

  • A comfortable 4 person dinette.

  • A full length Cabin Top for Sun protection.

  • Full wrap around cockpit clears.

Offshore 26

The second model, the ‘Offshore 26’ is designed more as a day fishing boat capable of accommodating 5 to 6 Anglers, featuring:

  • A queen-sized enclosed bunk berth.

  • A fully private fully enclosed shower / toilet.

  • A smaller galley but still with upright refrigeration.

  • Back to back seating for 4 adults.

  • A much larger open cockpit.

The hull designed by Roger Hill incorporates the latest available technology and is guaranteed to give the smoothest yet stable ride of any power catamaran currently on the market, whilst ensuring maximum fuel efficiency at the same time.

The hull is a symmetric, constant dead rise, planing hull with ‘Hi Lift’ chines.

40 degree forward hull dead rise, 23 degree mid ship dead rise, 18 degree dead rise angle at the transom.

10 degree down angle on the chines gives the hull extra planing lift and a high efficiency on the plane. The boat transitions onto the plane at a lower speed and generates more lift.

A fine entry at the bow ensures a comfortable ride in rough sea conditions.

Both models have plenty of power and twin 175hp Yamaha 4 strokes were chosen because of their proven reliability, durability, fuel efficiency and nationwide dealer support network.

Hull Number 1, a Weekender 26, was launched in January 2019 and was closely followed by the launch of an Offshore 26 in March 2019.

A State of the Art manufacturing facility has been created in owned premises at Lytton near the Port of Brisbane, featuring overhead cranes, a 5 axis CNC 200 tonne brake press, guillotine and the best Fronius pulse mig welders available. The workshop is fully pneumatically powered.


Follow production on the web site as well as full descriptions and specifications.