OceanCat under the Big Lights

OceanCat Marine are very pleased to announce that we will be taking two of our Roger Hill design catamarans to be presented at the Sydney International Boat Show.

The whole OceanCat fleet has been designed to offer boats with practical solutions to a trailerable range of catamaran hulls allowing for extended stays with all the creature comforts of our bigger on water vessels.

Let’s start with the Weekender 26. With a full length custom fiberglass hard top the Weekender offers a boat that can used all year round giving great sun protection and, with the optional clears down, the cockpit is enclosed, giving total protection from wind and rain. The floor plan is designed so that everything is easy to get to and use. Practical seating layouts maximize space allowing the addition of a full galley with refrigeration, running hot and cold water, with sink and cook top.

Using a one piece molded fiberglass unit OceanCat have been very successful incorporating a fully lockable head offering all of the creature comforts of home including a flushing toilet with pump out and black water facilities, shower with hot and cold water. With 200 litres of fresh water storage standard, OceanCat are making sure you are comfortable whether you are out for the day or any extended stays.

Being partnered with Yamaha Motors, OceanCat can deliver a turnkey package, and with proven fuel specs which can be seen on our web page you will find the Weekender a very economical, efficient running vessel. At planing speeds of approx 20 knots the boat is only using 1 litre per kilometre giving you a range of approx 590kms with the 660 litre capacity on board as standard. OceanCat are unrivaled with their standard inclusions. With more of us looking for bigger/longer adventures OceanCat want to make sure you have enough of the essentials on board to make it work.

For more information on this model click on the models tab, pick the boat you are interested in, and download the current specification sheets with all standard and optional equipment.

The Offshore 26 has been designed to cater more for the fishing side of things, the main difference is the hard top. The Offshore has a custom half length roof allowing for more open floor space but, just like the Weekender, the boat is very versatile in its layout and potential for use.

Using the same bow configuration, the Offshore, like the Weekender, has a very big, queen-sized bunk with a very generous amount of storage under the bunk and in “bedside” draws for the essentials. The head unit again uses the same configuration turning a fishing boat into a floating home. Now, OceanCat have developed a boat that can travel up and down the coast either on water or on road, with a 24-hour unrestricted, trailerable boat. Just imagine - both the Weekender 26 and Offshore 26 could be used as a caravan as well as on the water.

All of the essential equipment including electronics are well catered for with a large dash area to take the new age big screen sounders that are more commonly used today. Switches are very clearly marked for convenience and allow easy operation for the user.

With a shorter cabin, the cockpit floor space is opened up giving more clear, usable space with room for an active crew to tackle the big catch. Features like the large boarding platform and ladder also allow this boat to be a fantastic dive and spearing platform.

OceanCat are in a very unique position with all component parts being interchangeable in most of our designs which means internal layouts can be custom designed to suit you as an individual and your individual use for the intended boat. Our team are all very capable boat users with many years of combined experience and are more than happy to spend the time to get things right both in the layout and the aesthetics of the vessel. The OceanCat range is fully fared and prepared, to give an exceptional finish, using a 7 coat Jotun 2 pac epoxy painting system giving the OceanCat range a glass-like finish. A full colour range is available so you can choose the look that suits your style.

For more information on this hull go to the models and use the drop down box to find the OceanCat that you require and download the specification information or email Tony on sales@oceancat.com.au

Family enjoying the beautiful waters of Moreton Bay

Family enjoying the beautiful waters of Moreton Bay

Standard floor configuration of Offshore 26

Standard floor configuration of Offshore 26