Offshore 26

Designed more as a day fishing boat capable of accommodating 5 to 6 Anglers, featuring;

  • A queen-sized enclosed bunk berth.

  • A fully private, fully enclosed shower / toilet.

  • A smaller Galley but still with upright refrigeration.

  • Back to back seating for 4 adults.

  • A much larger open cockpit.

The hull designed by Roger Hill incorporates the latest available technology and is guaranteed to give the smoothest yet stable ride of any power catamaran currently in the market, whilst ensuring maximum fuel efficiency at the same time.

The hull is a symmetric, constant dead rise, planing hull with ‘Hi Lift’ chines.

40 degree forward hull dead rise, 23 degree mid-ship dead rise, 18 degree dead rise angle at the transom.

10 degree down angle on the chines gives the hull extra planing lift and a high efficiency on the plane. It transitions onto the plane at a lower speed and generates more lift.

A fine entry at the bow will ensure a comfortable ride in rough sea conditions.