Roger Hill


Roger Hill began designing boats in 1977, working in the design studio of Bruce Farr. After several years working with Farr in NZ and the US he moved to the UK where he worked with Ed Dubois and Rob Humphreys before moving back to NZ in 1987.

The work in this early period was predominantly racing and cruising sail boat design across a broad spectrum of size, and hull types, and materials.

For the period from 1987 until 1997, Roger worked for various other NZ design studios involved in a wide variety of work from small catamarans up to super yachts and America’s cup racing yachts.

In 1997 Roger set up his own design studio with several initial commissions that included wooden cruising mono hulls, steel cruising yachts, and composite sailing and power cats. After a few years, a growing association with power and sailing catamarans lead Roger to becoming a specialist in that genre. The design portfolio now contains a wide variety of power and sail cats of various materials, hull types, specific and general usage, and the use of up to date design tools including CFD analysis for accurate performance prediction and optimising hull shapes, extensive 3D modelling, and full incorporation of CNC processes for accurate and efficient building.

Future developments will include further foil design development for power and sail applications and continuing to refine and develop sea worthy and safe high performance and cruising hull forms.