Because we build small ships …
Not big tinnies


  • The entire OceanCat range is designed by world recognised New Zealander Roger Hill

  • All hulls feature a fine entry, high tunnel clearance with large twin reverse angled planing chines

  • Every OceanCat is designed and built to NSCV commercial survey standards to Llyods Scantling requirements

  • Every OceanCat comes with a 5 year structural hull warranty

  • Combination of materials to give exceptional finish


  • All marine grade 5083 aluminium welded with high tensile 5183 mig wire

  • All welding carried out by certified tradesmen using state of the art Fronius pulse mig welders

  • Every OceanCat is fabricated on a rigid steel jig ensuring a straight build with no structural warping

  • All wetted areas are 5mm with 6mm keel runners for extra strength and structural support

  • Plate hull sides above spray chine are 4mm 5083 as are the foredeck, sole and coamings not 3mm

  • All OceanCats are built to commercial survey standards


  • Every OceanCat has a forward collision bulkhead and a second mid ship watertight bulkhead

  • The two bulkheads create 4 separate watertight compartments, each featuring a separate 6000 litre/hour electric, audibly alarmed bilge pump

  • The entire wetted surface of the hull is 5mm thick aluminium plate, providing maximum impact protection

  • Combined with a 6mm full length keel, all OceanCats are fully beachable

  • Decks are all self-draining with non slip sea deck flooring

  • High bulwarks and cockpit coamings provide maximum safety at sea whether cruising or fishing


  • The latest Roger Hill design ensures lower speed to reach planing speeds, softer ride with deep V entry, and reverse angled planing chines

  • The higher tunnel clearance minimizes water slap in rough conditions for a much softer ride

  • This all equates to a better planing efficiency meaning lower horse power used for less fuel required to maintain the desired cruising speed 

  • The latest 4 stroke electronic 150-200hp Yamaha Outboards offer performance, great fuel economy and operational longevity

  • With a fuel capacity of 660-810 litres, the range of the OceanCat is 590-640kms - an outstanding and unprecedented range for a trailer boat, be it a catamaran or mono hull

  • At a low 20-25knots, the most efficient cruising speed equates to the fuel consumption of less than 1 litre per kilometre (both engines combined) but is capable of reaching speeds of 40 knots plus

Fibreglass Componentry

  • The main cabin sides are fully lined with composite fibreglass moulded panels 

  • Fully moulded dinette, galley, head and hard tops are custom made to fit the OceanCat range providing a crisp, clean and attractive finish 

  • Very practical and easy to clean one piece units 

  • Combined materials help with weight reduction and are durable in all weather conditions 

  • Hard tops in full, three quarter or half length sizes available. 

  • Fibreglass components can be used in each of our models allowing for customization of internal floor designs

Storage Space and Accessibility

  • Every pump, valve, battery switch and electrical component has been installed to be as easily accessible as possible 

  • Every cubic millimetre of useable space has been utilised with two bow storage compartments accessed through Gebo hatches 

  • Two draw storage in cabin 

  • Massive storage compartment under starboard side bunk cushion 

  • Two large access hatches in cockpit for additional storage or optional kill tanks/ice boxes 

  • Two large side pockets for tackle or hardware storage

Standard of Finish

  • Every OceanCat 26 and 28 is fully fared and professionally painted using a 7 coat Jotun two pac epoxy painting system delivering an unmatched surface finish and appearance 

  • Foredeck and bulwarks are non-slip painted 

  • Cockpit sole is covered with SeaDek flooring which is durable and easy to maintain. It feels very soft underfoot and keeps the heat to a minimum in the summer months 

  • Frameless window glazing adds to the already clean and attractive lines of the Roger Hill design

  • Combination of materials lifts the overall finish but still keeps the no fuss clean lines making the OceanCat range very easy to maintain and clean after use


  • The OceanCat 26 on a trailer is the largest and best equipped maximum beam powercat on the market. It can be towed 24/7/365 without any size or time restrictions 

  • Very simple operation on and off the trailer on a skid base Transtyle full aluminium trailer with tunnel guide 

  • Choice of tandom or tri axle trailer with or without oil bath bearings. 

  • Every trailer comes with stainless steel hubs and brakes